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I'm sharing my doTERRA LRP (Loyalty Reward Program) box for the month of May with all fitness enthusiasts out there.

This particular box includes many Essential Oils I use daily before and after my workouts.

Look: here we got 6 versatile oils; 3 supplements; 1 deodorant.

A little bit about each item in the box:

Lifelong Vitality Pack (supplements)- this is a must for helping your body stay healthy from the inside out

Motivate - apply to the back of your neck before exercise to instill feelings of confidence

On Guard touch - use before and after exercise routine to fight environmental threats

Balance deodorant - use before working out to actively protect against odor and have long-lasting freshness

Tea Tree - use as a cleanser on your face after workouts to reduce blemish-causing breakouts

Peppermint - rub on sore muscles after a long workout for topical relief

Lavender - use after workouts to reduce inflammation

Lemon - use before and after workouts for a boost of energy

I adore these essential oils which are a big and important part of my daily routine!

Consider getting yourself a gift of doTERRA essential oils and supplements to enhance your daily life.

I made a link to get the same identical box! This box will also qualify you for a FREE one-year membership with doTERRA until the end of June. Take advantage of this opportunity!

Link #1 is a box for non-vegans (supplements ingredients:

Link #2 is an identical box with a vegan option for supplements:

Let me know if you have questions or want to customize your order! I'm ready to help.

Email me:

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